Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Another Bootstrap Point

Per prior posts about too many children and families, and by association schools, those urban and rural areas in America where property values are low, good paying jobs too few and wages depressed, then the people living in those areas aren't going to be able to afford the necessities required for the school children.

So being without the 'bootstraps' within a school building is but one problem. Not having the funds generated from OUTSIDE of the building simply compounds the issue of having too few supplies for the kids.

There are literally all sorts of bootstraps that are missing in many neighborhoods and communities. I would even venture to guess that this has something to do with the creation of all sorts of non-public schools.


Monday, October 8, 2018

Another Earthquake in Haiti!!

I wanted to get a brief note out to you as a couple of our generous donors were asking about conditions in Haiti after another earthquake ravaged part of the country.

The island nation of Haiti just can't catch a break!! A roughly 6.0 earthquake hit the northwestern portion of the island two days ago. I thought I'd get this note out to you with regard to the fact that the two schools we have worked with, one west of Port au Prince and the other on the island of La Gonave were not impacted.

Thanks for your concern,

Friday, October 5, 2018

Stop the Madness

Teachers are a treasure in terms of their value to young people and advancing the values and ideals of our society. If that sounds like 'pie in the sky' so be it. In working with and observing what is taking place in our nation's public schools I have come away not only impressed but saddened to witness the overburdening of our country's teachers.

Teachers have plenty to take care of with teaching, preparing lessons and assessing student learning. Add to this work are the necessary requirements to participate in clubs, school functions and athletics. This has always been the case.

But the laundry list of other obligations is simply getting out of hand. Don't believe me? Talk to teachers and allow me to provide evidence of the 'maddening' duties required of teachers that simply detracts from the time, energy and effort necessary to take care of what I have outlined in the previous paragraph.

Here's but a sample of the 'maddening' list of duties that needs to be looked at and, in many cases, put to a halt. Teachers are constantly dealing with; breakdown/slowness of technology, a shortage of classroom assistance, a lack of resources, having to sacrifice teaching time for mandated testing, often having to respond to 50 to 100 emails in a day, limitations on their individual teaching strengths due to the perceived notion that a curriculum MUST adhere to a certain method of teaching, absolutely ridiculous teacher evaluation tools and so much more.

For the sake of the teachers and kids...stop the insanity.


Thursday, October 4, 2018

Cuts Are Harmful

If curriculum programs are cut, if teachers are eliminated, should activities be diminished and if funds are wanting then does anyone think that a child will get the best educational experience possible? And that my friends is the deal...public education HAS to provide student the very best experience.

I want current teachers, retirees, the public at large, administrators and government officials at all levels to understand that cutting ones way to financial stability may get one to that goal. But the real goal has to be something more important than finances. And it is hard to believe, given everyone's gloating over the economy, that money for schools is an issue.

Fund our public schools.


Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Education Cuts

Cuts are cuts and they hurt; well, they hurt the ones who are exposed to the cut!! The government and the Dept. of Education are proposing a 5% cut to the Dept. of Education and the kids will feel the brunt of the cuts make no mistake about it. Properly funding public schools is essential.

I have gone into a number of selective schools, charters and private schools (which I respect is someone's choice to send them to) and I can tell you the vast majority of them do not have facilities and faculty to take care of autistic children, those with various handicaps, or IEP'S.

So when people talk about cutting education budgets at the local, state and federal levels...be careful it may be your child who is all the worse off.


Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Coats ARE Bootstraps

Imagine it getting down right cold (not for a bit please!!) and kids heading off to school or waiting at the bus stop as the thermometer continues to drop. Yes, young children caught in the polar blast could sure use a winter coat under such conditions. One might not think of it this way but having the proper clothing is one of those 'bootstraps.'

I am collecting children's (no adult coats please) small and medium size coats to be dispersed in early November. I'd like to extend an invitation to you to provide a warm coat to a CPS student. To participate in this annual program kindly let me know that you want to participate. You can email me at rich219@comcast.net and we can make arrangements for me to stop by and pick up your donation.

Thanks for your consideration!!!


Monday, October 1, 2018

They Know Their Needs.

I've had the great honor to represent our charity in dozen of schools in Chicago and around the country. I've learned much and one of the many lessons I've been taught, by those in need, is to listen. Hear them out, listen to their concerns/problems and let them tell us what their needs are. Just to send some supplies to the children, which they might not need, is in many respects a waste.

The point is this...allow them to tell us which 'bootstraps' are most critical. I have learned that Music and Art programs are some of the vital areas where there are almost no resources and where the teachers and students, alike, desperately want to participate. I've seen children put crayons in their hands and others give a trumpet or saxophone a try. And one result is always the same...a smile!!


Girls Singing at IMN

Classes Singing at IMN

IMN School Opens

Driving into Port Au Prince

IMN School Welcome

Tour of IMN School

IMN School